Monday, July 23, 2012

Join me here on the blog over the next few months as I prepare a new series of paintings to be unveiled at my show and sale this October in my Buckingham studio. During these months, I'll take you through the entire process of how I work; from the inspiration and stories about the images down to preparing the materials, varnishing and framing. The Inspiration and Vision: For about a month, I've been thinking about a new series of paintings. Inspiration for new work introduces itself in unusual ways sometimes. I was on the second floor of my studio, turned around and for some reason (Ok, it was the “muse”) the sight of the 2 tall french windows against the dim light of the studio just grabbed me and I realized I just had to paint it. But one interior scene alone does not make a body of work. Walking around the farm, there were other images that really grabbed me: the new apples hanging low on the tree with this gorgeous, abstract of chiarscuro (light against dark), and then one morning as I was walking the dog, the main barn was in this soft, etherial light, everything was again quite abstracted. Ok, I thought, now we are getting somewhere. I find myself in center city Philadelphia a couple of times a month for a meeting at the Philadelphia Sketch Club or to get together with friends for lunch. The large city fountains, sparkling with light and movement contrasted against the strong architectural elements that comprise many of the buildings in my home town. These are the things that make up my day to day world, collectively they tell the story of my life. So with the idea in my head I can begin the work. First, though is the preparation of materials which takes some time, a little insight into the crafting of a painting. The painting above: Title: Sunset on the Beach Size: 14 x 18 Medium: Oil on Canvas

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