Friday, November 11, 2011


The fascination with the sky, it's movement, light and abstraction continues. Many of my students don't believe me when I advise them that one of the best ways to get a realist painting is to approach it abstractly - when we can do that, (it's not that easy) we let go of our "symbol system" and preconceived notions about what we think something looks like and are able to get closer to the real truth of the thing. If we are lucky and get into that state of mind, there's also the strong chance that we can "double dip" into the experience and pull out the emotional qualities of the subject we are studying.

This painting is being offered through Artists' Gallery, now through December 04

Title: Quietude
Size: 9 x 9
Medium: Oil on Panel

Agg, lousy photo of this painting - I really need to get a new camera. I was going to re-photograph it today but it sold in the gallery this weekend! Thank you!

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