Monday, August 15, 2011

What an Opening!

The calm before the storm. This is a partial scene of the gallery before the crowds came.

Paul Grecian and I at the opening, during the unveiling of our joint project.

Thank you everyone, who attended the opening of "A Sense of Place"! The turnout was wonderful, everyone had a great time and a lot of work sold for both Paul and I.

We will continue to "replenish the stock" as the month goes on, so if you did not have the opportunity to see the show, it is up through the 4th of September.

Attached are a couple of photos, the first one is of Paul Grecian and I after the unveiling of our joint project works - we both worked off of one "neutral image" - Paul did his photographer's magic and I painted my interpretation of the same scene - it was so much fun, as neither of us saw the other's work until we unveiled them at the show. A photograph of the painting will be posted soon.

Thank you again, everyone for such a great time!

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